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    Just upgraded this past weekend with Verizon since I was due for my "new every two". Long time lurker here and fairly long time Palm user (since '04 Treo 600, 700p,Centro).

    Had some real reservations about switching from my Centro to the Pre Plus.
    Loved the Centro-what a great phone/tool. I travel a great deal in my job and it has been rock solid and so very useful and entertaining-dropped it many times and it kept/keeps ticking. I was very concerned after visiting this forum for so long and seeing all of the problem posts about the Pre. I felt like this would be a downgrade in capability from my Centro (and I realize that in some ways it may be) but after having this thing this week and using Classic to load all my very useful PalmOS apps and seeing how WebOS works--holy moly--I'm thrilled and relieved that the worrying was a waste.

    Web browsing compared to my Centro is fabulous. The notifications have crept up on me (hadn't really cared too much in other words) and I really like how it's implemented. The touchscreen is nicer than I expected. The lag on app launch that is complained about just doesn't bother me as it may be all of less than 5 seconds or less from what I've seen (obviously after my 700p I'm not annoyed by it). I think the phone is plenty snappy. I like the gesture stuff-more than I thought.

    Email setup and how it works is great. I used Chattermail for so long I thought I would hate anything else-but--I actually don't miss it (yet anyway).

    Wifi is so nice. Been sitting in Mexico for a couple of days on business and using my work Blackberry for phone calls since I don't want to pay international charges on my personal phone--and having Wifi in the hotel has been a great thing. By the way--no offense to Blackberry-but after the Pre and Palm in general--no thanks-although my wife loves her Curve.

    The calendar app was something else I really was concerned about. It's not as feature filled as the PalmOS calendar but I like the way it just synchs with my Google calendar and if I really need all the colored categories and such I just leave Classic open and I can use both (I know that may be annoying to some to have to do this as Palm should have taken the good stuff from the PalmOS and implemented it in WebOS--but--they didn't --yet).

    I read major disappointment about the stock music player and I used it a bunch yesterday streaming to bluetooth headset and I expected something awful and came away pleasantly pleased. And I know there are improved music apps to download when I get the chance if I find it not acceptable. Seemed good enough for my uses so far.

    Battery life just needs to be managed just like my Centro did if I used GPS and streamed bluetooth music and made lot's of long phone calls. Carry an extra battery and use a charger when you have the opportunity.

    Slider form is not as bad as I had feared also. Kinda like opening and closing the thing. Will be watching for the dreaded oreo affect as it wears. But you know--there were lot's of complaints about the back cover on my Centro creaking and such when I bought it and I even thought that it wouldn't hold up back then--but--it has been a tank-and still creaks--so maybe this Pre-as plasticky as it seems will hold up better than it may appear at first. Just maybe (for some obviously it hasn't--but the Centro also had some that felt it didn't hold up very well-did for me).

    There's more I really like but I just thought I'd share for those on Verizon that are Palm users and afraid to take the plunge because like I was.
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    You sound almost like me. I just got my Pre Plus and have to say it is beyond my expectations. After all the negative talk here, I expected a lot less. I agree with every you said except I am trying not to use Classic. Really happy I made the switch.
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    I'm right with you. I came from a 755P, and my vote is a hearty "me too". I'd be happy if the Agendus folks would get a version done for WebOS, but so far I'm happy with the way my Exchange account is syncing. I've been using Palms since my M125 and it's always been a transition as software matures. There are tons of people on the boards who think the Pre should have been born with the most mature software and hardware, and be exactly what they, the most demanding user on the planet MUST have, or Palm will go down in flames, but seriously people get over yourselves. This is a great phone, and it's getting better all the time.

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