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    I have some applications, which are now paid (used to be free) which y system still wants to update.

    As a GSM phone user in "unsupported country" I don't have access to App Catalog. My Pre still wants to update the apps, but always getting msg:

    Five Applications
    Download failed

    I can't remove the apps (as they are not on the system's installed application list anymore), I can't re-download the apps, so how do tell the system not to try to download/update them again?

    I tried to remove any files related to the apps from the file system, but it didn't help.

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    well you could just goto list programs, and choose the app from there and delete.
    Which apps are you having trouble removing?
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    tried that...

    The application is not there on the list (as it's not installed anymore). I still have it in the launcher - greyed-out with exclamation mark in yellow triangle.
    Touching the icon will bring me to app catalog, where these 5 apps are there with with exclamation triangle as well.

    So how do I tell the app catalog, not to bother to download them anymore?


    PS: example of the apps: Feeds, Match 'Em, Cell Stalker
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    Had something similar a while back, I think I just let the app catalog get as far as it could then hold down orange and click the icon delete and off you go.

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    thanks for the suggestion. It helped.

    After clicking on the triangle, I was given option "do not download"

    after restarting Luna, the apps are gone


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