i keep getting this issue a few times per WEEK. it is starting to becoming increasingly frustrating.

i go to turn my phone on, and it will just not respond. i have tried holding down the power button, and trying the hold down power + flip ringer switch 3 times thing...and all do nothing. the battery is not dead. i have to take the battery out and turn it back on...but even this does not work initially, as when i do this, i just get the palm logo and it never boots up. i have left it like this for 30+ minutes before and it just would not boot up. on average, i usually have to take out the battery and try again 3 times before it will boot up completely. even if i leave the battery out for 10 minutes the first time, it still does not boot up the first time. even if i hold down the power button when the battery is out, it still does not boot up the first time.

keep in mind my phone is almost all stock. the only thing that i have is 4 launcher pages, which was done and carried over since 1.2 or so. no homebrew, no other tweaks.

i have been closing all my apps since this has been happening more frequently. if anything, i might keep the email app open sometimes if i forget to close it.

any ideas?