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    Since I got my pre in June, I have been pretty addicted to this website. Its gotten to the point where if im on the internet I most likely will be on this site. I started watching the palmcast live while at home on winter break where my internet is quite adequate. Here at school however, the internet connection is not as good and watching the palmcast is an extreme exercise in patience as it is constantly laggy and pretty much unwatchable. I think Dieter, Keith, and Derek are entertaining people to watch and I would argue to say that the best parts of the show are those that are edited out before and after the show is recording. Another reason for watching it live rather than streaming the edited down version after the fact is the chatroom. The chatroom is usually full of insightful and often times hilarious precentral members and its something ive been missing out on having to stream the show from dr podder.

    Does anyone think that getting mytether would help any, or better yet does anyone have some extra internets I could borrow every tuesday at 7:30ish???
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    just about every store/hotel/wherev has wifi if its really a cant miss for you those are always options
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    I think you should pay attention to your school work....
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    If you got a good 3G signal, give it a try. Tethering is pretty easy. Not sure how much data a live palmcast would consume though.

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