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    Not to argue with more knowledgeable and experienced people, but I have noticed that if I do a manual backup, my automated backup begins happening at that time every day. I did a backup in the wee hours of Sunday morning several weeks ago, and until I did another manual backup, the daily backup recurred at that same time.

    I don't know if I am just lucky, or what. Just letting you all know...
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    I don't understand why Palm would combine ALL these data into one large db3 file.

    I would guess it is easier to manage when pushed back to the server, but with all these linked data, to me it makes the phone sluggish.

    Good tip on the call history. Perhaps there can be a patch to ONLY keep X amount of days and not let a huge data build up cluttering the db3 file

    edit to add: in the classic PalmOS, db files were separate. (ie: contactsDB, messagesDB, phonecallDB, wtc wtc)
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    if you want to make it faster just clock it up to 800 mhz lol !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I am not discounting the fact of the backup TIME, it was already stated by the Palm rep that it phones home at the same time, daily)

    I am theorizing that there is a data build up leading to the backup ON feature (cluttering the db3 file)
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    @shadow, yes I am currently clocked at 800mhz WITH backup off, and this is the fastest I have seen my pre (with no 'too many cards' error) since launch day.

    loving my pre, and I can stay on this setup (1.3.5) even longer if the 800mhz kernal is not working on 1.4 update
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    The reason they have one db file is related to simplicity and what sqlite attempts to accomplish. Also you have a central location for security and OS-related efficiency. Supposedly Sqlite is efficient enough to deal with many many databases within that file all with many many tables and columns, and from my own experience with it, it seems fully capable.

    I can't think of why turning off and deleting the backup would help anything, it should just be once a day copying the database, the only way I could see slowdown is if the backup caused additional checks on the db, or if it required data to be replicated in some way.

    I can defiantly see why you can't post a side-by-side with a pre at 800Mhz though, is there anyone else out there who sees a difference and has multiple pres, and time on thier hands, to test loading/running times?
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    I just deleted my call history and much faster as well. Guess it's easy to forget how much info is being stored and retrieved when the phone app pulls up.. especially if you have hundreds of calls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    You know what really makes your Pre lag? Your phone call log.

    Seriously! HBZ should have this looked at over at Palm, but it is an absolutely freaky thing. If you phone lags when loading apps (or even in the launcher) try this fix.... delete your call history. It works and is completely whacked that it does.

    Don't believe me? Try it!
    Surprisingly, this did noticeably reduce load times for several of the apps I tried before and after deleting the call history (phone, messaging, email, calendar)
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    glad to hear that.

    I would love to hear other user's feedback.

    Also, it would be GREAT if a dev can look into how Palm backs up the db3 file so we can modify the time it phones home/ and if able to allow palm to only back up user configured data from the table (user choice of messages, call logs, phonebook, etc etc)

    Just turned off the backup to see how things go. I used the backup feature once and really wasn't impressed since it didn't keep manual linking in synergy, speed dial entries, or application preferences. Besides, everything is on an Exchange or Google server anyway, and the app catalog allows you to download again for free.

    The backups shouldn't take long since the database file is fairly small (about 3-5 mb) but I suppose it could hang or never fully terminate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Don't believe me? Try it!
    I deleted my call history and the only thing I notice that is different is when hit the call history button it says "Your call history is empty".

    I see absolutely no difference in starting up any applications, no difference flipping between pages on my launcher, etc.
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    My pre hasn't been backing up automatically at all. Is there a fix for this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    My pre hasn't been backing up automatically at all. Is there a fix for this?
    I just noticed this as well a few days ago...not sure when it started, but when I looked at my last backup date, it was sometime in early January! (I guess that answers my question...early January for me!) I use the tasks and memos a lot, so I would have been pretty upset losing all that data if something happened to my phone (since we have no sync solution). Not sure how prevalent this issue is for people.

    Count me as one that notices my Pre being faster by deleting call history! Very interesting...
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    I guess turning off backups could increase speed if every time an app is opened, it cross-references the backup database to check for changes. It does make sense, but I just can't go without backups....
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