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    its visable on preware, but not in the app catalog yet. if they did what they did last week, we should see another game tomorrow

    Castle of Magic! 3-d sidescroller
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    theyre crankin them out
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    I hope fifa10 come out soon!
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    it will when the pdk is out
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    I'm stoked!!! Hope we get a tower defense game soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by amistak View Post
    I'm stoked!!! Hope we get a tower defense game soon!
    with flash, we'll have access to thousands
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    Please...don't confuse our beloved App Catalog with that fruit companys App Store!

    Oh...and the game is in the App Catalog now!

    So is another game by Gameloft called Castle of Magic
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    soccer game looks good
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    sorry, i'll edit it
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis6279 View Post
    sorry, i'll edit it
    LOL, I am just messing with you man!

    The soccer game does look good! I think I am gonna have to delete all my music off my Pre...need room for games!!!
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    I love soccer, I might have to get this. I coach youth soccer and am the President of our local youth soccer club. This would be a good stress reliever on the sidelines.
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    i got the soccer game.. pretty fun if ur not getting ur *** kicked lol only downside is the noticeable looped crowd.. in the background.. sometimes the game goes silent and only the sound effects are heard
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    New update adds local wifi multiplayer.
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    I got it and am getting my **** handed to me every time. What's worse is that I was hoping for the next UEFA Champions League winners to be among the licensed teams, but Bayern Munich only has bogus names that "kinda sound like" the real players.

    Oh well, winning the CL trophy for the fifth time next week seems like OK consolation to me

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