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    Hey guys im new to the forum and just got my palm pre today and i am trying to install the latest web os. But i im having trouble installing the novacomd. i downloaded the webos 3.01 and when i boot up webos quick install it begins to install novacomd but it has been sitting for maybe 30 minutes now and the progress bar is near the end but it has just been sitting there. When i open up my device manager on my pc i see novacomd but its yellow with the question mark. Can anyone help me out or have a similar problem?
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    im guessing youre doing this for webos quickinstall correct?
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    Yes i am, i just also tryed editing the msi with orca as instructed in one of the faq/troubleshooting sections of the thread and that hasnt worked either it still just sits with the progress bar at the end and says installing.

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