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    What do you guys use the most and what do you think works best?
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    Landscape email and text messaging

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    Media downloading or stream, by far for my movies from luckyvidz or music from 4shared.
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    There are a lot of patches that I think are wonderful, but can I just say that I get almost as excited when I open Preware as I do when checking for WebOS updates? I get so excited when I see new patches.
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    Named pages in launcher, add/delete pages, and virtual keyboard are my favorite patches my favorite preware apps would have to be agenda and dr. podder
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    battery percent, middle page in launcher, advanced power menu, advanced device menu
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    My essential apps are PreWare, Preset Reset, and News Room. Every other app, I can take or leave. I haven't played a computer game since Pong, so why would I want to start on a phone :0) The patches are what make this phone! My favorite are: 4x4 icons v3, Battery icon and percent, Date as carrier string, No missed call callback, Hide quicklaunch bar in launcher only. I have 36 installed right now.
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    I gotta have terminal and openssh, or it's a no-go. I really miss my ti85 emulator from my nokia n900.
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    I love the flashlight one, which allows you to use the camera's led as a flashlight.
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    Hrm, surprised a lot of my must-haves differ so greatly...

    Must have apps:
    Preware, ClassicNote, Tweed, Tune In, Glad Thats Not Me

    Must have patches:
    4x4 launcher v3!!!, Battery icon as perfect (with actual battery percentage)!!, LED notifications (not for long)!, Device Menu Megamix with flashlight, Both gesture tap mods, Just charge by default, Timestamps Clean.

    There are so many patches I can't live without... these are just my top. Not having the 4v4 launcher literally drives me crazy... its so unusable without. However, mot of the time I launch via universal search.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Date instead of carrier string, battery icon and %, LED notifications, and--my all time favorite--hide the "wave" launcher (even though that was the eye candy that first seduced me).
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    Best Ever: Preware

    Patches: On Screen Keyboard, Battery Icon & %, Add date patch, add launcher pages (no f***in arrows), landscape email, named launcher pages, Reset Button, Reduce min brightness (battery saver)

    Apps: ClassicNote, Geotasks
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    Quote Originally Posted by ****-richardson View Post
    I gotta have terminal and openssh, or it's a no-go. I really miss my ti85 emulator from my nokia n900.
    I agree here. Openssh. these apps are what makes Pre truly a cut above all others.
    My other most used apps
    Dr. Podder -have to have my netcasts
    Gdial pro was one of my favs
    Quick Contacts is convenient but I used it less & less.
    all others i could give or take..

    I like the messaging patches (avatar left side, new page /convo/landscape)
    4x4 icons is a must for me
    Virtual Keyboard
    I decided against pre packaged themes, I liked the Original Blue theme but with themes I ran into too many compatibility issues. So for now now Prepackaged themes for me. I do my own theme changes.
    I also have changed several background son my Pre apps ( Phone dialer, music, Boot logo,)
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    How does one get the 4x4 icons, or better yet more launcher pages. Is this something that might come in the 1.4?

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