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    If anybody is looking for an excellent dialer app check out Touchconnect. It just showed up in Preware. It even has a built in VK that works very well. I also recently added this overclock patch that seems very stable. So far I've had no conflicts and the phone is a whole lot snappier. I'll update this post if I have any problems with it down the road but it looks to be a keeper. Here's a link to the thread.

    I can never get my Precentral links to work what am I doing wrong?

    Edit: When sending a SMS though TouchConnect it takes you to the SMS app and you need to press send again. I'm kind of on the fence with this this app app wish this wasn't the case with messaging. Threaded convos would be nice too.

    edit: The VK isn't as good as I thought it was. Can't really recommend this app anymore.

    This thread sucks, my apologies. The 600 patch is still working fine however.
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    I bought it too.. one thing they do well is weekly updates.
    Not sure what each update brings lol.. but still.

    I kinda like it.. the UI is weird and takes getting used to.

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