Well i instaled the brand theme jordan from preload and now i cant get that theme off to save my life the phone updates and everything as if the theme isnt even on but i still see the theme i tryed a hard reset and web os doctor but on web os doctor it never reads the device so i cant get it to pic that up to reset it that way and another thing i need to rehack it so anyone have the code oh and one more thing to install preware u must have web os quick install on your computer right because when i plug my phone ive tryed it all i put it in just charge, usb, and snyc but nutting the phone wont get picked up on anything thats y i think its the theme thats causing all these problems so can anybody plz help me i love the pre but w/o it hacked and the cool patches this to me is just another phone cuz im not a pro with the make your own apps and stuff im new to the game lolz so can i get sum ideas im kinda ****ed off bout this and thinkin to goin to the samsun movement bcus of my problem with the pre so plz help thanks so much