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    Hello Friends -

    I've been lurking on this forum for the last month or so, maybe more. After my I lost my last iphone to the cruel, unsympathetic wheels of a school bus, I've moved back to the Verizon mothership and have been on the Droid Eris for the last month. I'm relatively happy with the Eris, but I continue to have WebOS envy. For those of you who have had a Pre for a while, here's my primary question:

    How is the Pre as a messaging device? The Eris's onscreen keyboard, lack of predictive text, and lack of autocomplete drive me nuts. I spend most of my time on my phone doing some kind of typing, and it's enormously aggravating to have to type every word two or three times.

    Is the Pre better in this regard? Are the messaging/email apps particularly slow or fast? I know folks have had trouble with the occasional sticky keyboard/double-letter - how much of an annoyance has this been?

    I'm really tempted to go swap out the Eris for a Pre Plus today, so any advice would be really helpful.

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    What you will find is that the Pre's texting capability is very nice, does not have corrective text but with a physical keyboard it is easier to type. The messenging/email apps are fairly quick, reminds me of my home computer. The nice thing is that you can have both of them open and switch back and forth between them with just a flick, plus have other things up and running at the same time. The true multi-tasking is something that once you start using it, you wonder how you ever did without it.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your acquisition.
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    theres patches for corrective text imo
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    I personally have no experience with a Pre Plus, but I've had a Pre since 3 days after lauch (Those 3 days were the longest days ever). Best peice of tech I've ever bought hands down. The multitasking is like no other, when you use it once, you'll never go back. The app store is constantly growing and is getting some good apps and attracting the attention of some of the bigger app developer (Glu, EA, GameLoft). I say, go for it. Join the webOS users. Best phone ever with tons more potential.

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