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    it started last night with my wifes pixi, but now is effcting my pre If the Ev is shown, then it is greyed out. Then other times is goes in and out rapidly. And then sometimes here is no data inicator. My buddy has a vsz ph and has had no data issues. The vzw store is worthless.
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    Where are located you at? What carrier? I'm on a Sprint Pre in KC and actually have had some pretty spotty data today at work, where i always have very strong signal and fast EVDO.
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    The presence of the "Ev" (or "1x") icon means you have a connection. The letters being white or black indicate whether data is being transmitted at that very instant, but either way your connection is alive.

    If you have a wi-fi connection, the "Ev" should disappear -- you want to use the free wi-fi, not the expensive data plan. And if your signal is too low, you'll get an X on the five bars icon, and no "Ev" icon.

    So, to clarify: do you ever get signal bars, but no wi-fi, and no "Ev" (or "1x") icon? 'Cause that definitely sounds abnormal.
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    I have noticed in the past couple days that I will lose my data connection also. It used to cycle between EVDO and 1x but now I will suddenly have nothing at all. If I wait a little bit, usually a minute or so, it snaps back and I will have full EVDO. I have never had this problem before the past week or so. I have been assuming it is a network issue because it seems to happen in areas where my service doesn't seem as strong.
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    sorry vzw, and it is working now. Very odd. Lcat in davenport ia. But hope this is not going to bee a problem.

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