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    Just got a new refurb about 2 hours ago. The phone I exchanged was my first and only Pre bought on release day back in June. After all my accounts synced up, I went ahead and updated the phone to and that took about 40 minutes. Now i'm in the app catalog updating a few apps that didn't seem to transfer over and they are taking a reallllllllly long time. I'm doing "Let's Golf" right now and i'm going on 10 minutes and i'm 50% done. Anybody else have this problem? Phone is in EV and wifi is on. I feel like this thing is downloading in 1X but it's not. Even in 1X it would be faster then this. Any ideas?
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    All those Gameloft games take FOREVER. It's normal. I downloaded mine at home with full bars and it still took a ridiculously long time. I just set the phone down and did other things while they were downloading/installing.
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    Cant have both EV and wifi at the same time. EV turns off when wifi is active. Make sure you are connected to the wifi - its sometimes hard to tell the wifi bars are gray not white. Also, you can install the unthrottle download manager patch. It will help.
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    They must be having server issues - it took 30 minutes to delete an email account and then five tries to re add it, saying server too busy - retry.
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    I got a replaced one within my 30 days for a new one and it also took forever to do all my updates. It has nothing to do with your phone but the servers. Hang in there.
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    had anyones phone stop receiving calls and the ev left ur phone then wen you try to update it it says error 1012 call sprint? Any idea?
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    Yeah, I remember update took along time to download/install, alot longer then the previous updates.

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