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    I have (and love) my Palm Pre and downloaded all the best running, GPS, fitness, pedometer, and stopwatch apps offered (and music player remix from homebrew... it's sweet!). What I don't have, nor can I find, is an adequate carrying case to attach my Palm Pre to my body while I'm outside running in gym shorts or sweats. I don't wear a belt while out excercising and I don't like carrying the Palm Pre in my hand. I like listening to music while out on the road and also prefer being able to look at my Palm Pre screen at any time to see time, distance, position, etc.

    So please tell me, all of you Palm Pre runners and exercise buffs, what's your secret? How do you use the Pre while exercising? Is there an arm or waist band carrying case with a transparent front that I don't know about? I'd love to hear about your experiences and any recommendations and I'm sure others on this forum would like to also.

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    I personally have yet to find a good one for that. All that I do for mine is I use the Innocase and spring clip, and I just clip it to my sweatpants. I do not look at it during exercising, so it works well for me.

    If you find something better, please, post it here as I would like to take a look at it.

    good luck
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    I use the Cellet Armband case while running and working out.

    Cellet Armband Neoprene Carrying Case, Black - Palm Centro Cases Holsters Belt Clips

    Works great!
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    I believe some people have been using this: Tune Belt Sport Armband for iPhone 3GS and More (Fits iPhone 3G / 2G / 1G, Blackberry Bold / Curve / Storm, Palm Pre and many more): Electronics

    I haven't gotten a chance to order one yet since we still have snow on the ground here.
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    I make sure I have shorts with pockets,,I only look at it when I stop.I my bike I have a front hanndle bar bag. The bag has a phone pocket so I just put it in,plug in phones,,although I have blue tooth phones now,,and go.
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    I use the Tunebelt discussed here...
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    When i go to the gym is use a side case and just slip it on the side of my shorts. The side case is actually for a HTC touch Diamond but it fits like a glove. This way if I need to change a song I just slip it out.
    I run and do weights and the only thing is have a problem with is the wire to the ear plugs getting in the way .
    My next investment is going to be a bluetooth stereo headset.

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