View Poll Results: Do you still have your previous Palm device and why?

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  • YES: For backup

    36 54.55%
  • YES: Hoping it'll become a collectible

    12 18.18%
  • YES: Friend or family member using

    10 15.15%
  • YES: But it's broken

    4 6.06%
  • NO: Sold it

    3 4.55%
  • NO: Cashed it in to Sprint

    1 1.52%
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    Leading up to the Pre's release last year, there were a few threads started asking who would turn in their old phone(s) for the either $35 or $50 Sprint was willing to relinquish for the used devices (depending on what smartphone you had). A lot of folk said they'd just keep their old device as a backup. Some said they'd redeem it for the cash. Others said they'd hit eBay for the highest sell. While others said they'd be crazy to take only $50 for a $550 device.

    So, I'm just interested to know...Who here still has their previous smartphone? And if so, have you ever needed to use it for backup while the Pre was down?

    I'll be getting my Pre mid June and have two old phones I'm hoping on cashing in on. A 700p($35) and a 755p($50) - that is, assuming Sprint is still offering anything at all for these relics.
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    Have my 755wx and 650p. The 755wx I had to use for a day when there was an issue with the Pre. My wife as of Feb. 14 now has a Pre and her LG Lotus we kept to have a home number ported to. IMO it is a must to maintain one backup. The question you should ask yourself is what if the worst case occurred where your new phone went down for an hour or a few days. Could you be without a cell phone? If not then you have to keep one.
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    I still have my 755P. No way I can get rid of that classic device. It is such an awesome one handed tool. I don't use it much though, just kept to the side as I like to see how much has improved, and how much we have jumped backward (Mostly PIM Apps).
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    I still have my Tungsten E2. Not sure why, either... it's been lying dormant for three years or so. It would only be good as a handheld Bejeweled 2 device for me now. :-)
    Bell Palm Pre
    When Bell says "It's ON," I'm pretty sure they mean it as a threat.
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    Still have both my and my wife's Centro...sitting in their original packaging in the file cabinet...
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    I still have my Palm Tungsten, and 2 of Treo's all are in perfect condition.
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    755p and sprint pre
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    I work in a construction office. Over the years, my boss, his wife, our foreman, and I have all used different incarnations of Palm smartphones. As we each upgrade, we always keep the old handheld for emergencies. My foreman does the most damage because he is out in the field. And, my boss's wife has lost hers on occasion.

    When I got my Pre, I handed down my 700p to our foreman. And, now that my boss has his Pre, his 755p will go into storage until someone else has something break down.
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    I still have a handspring visor blue, treo 600, and a treo 750. I sold my treo 270 years ago. I have been a fan for a long time......
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    I have a sony clie. It's battery is dead though. Maybe I'll charge it up and use it as a TV remote. Before that I had an original Palm^H^H^H^H3com Palm Pilot.

    Wireless network, you say? I used to take an old $5 modem I bought at auction with me on trips, connect the palm pilot to that to my home server, and use slrn, links, and pine to see what was going on in the world and respond to email! While at home, I'd just drag a null modem cable all over the house.
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    I have about 6 old Sprint devices. Two of which are Palms.
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    Got my old Treo 650 in a box somewhere.. Here in Canada (Bell Mobility) there was no reward offer if you turned in your old phone.. if they did then I probably would have taken the reward I switched carriers when getting the Pre so the Treo 650 is basically useless as a "phone" but will still work as a PDA..

    About a month after getting the Pre I was liking it so much I canceled my landline. So, ALL my bridges are officially burned
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    Okay, all bets are off now...

    I just got back from the Sprint store (needed a replacement 755p - warranty). I decided to ask the sales associate to check on the trade-in value of the 755p and 700p. You know, via their phone recycling program. Keep in mind that just one year ago (pre-Pre) the 755p was going for $50 and 700p (& Centro) for $35.

    This is what they're offering now:
    755p - $18
    700p - $8 & change

    Now, granted, I had all but decided that I would keep the phones anyway. But my jaw dropped nonetheless.

    Oh well, I'll just add them to my collection:
    - Sharp Wizard
    - Palm IIIe
    - Kyocera 7135

    But at least I've now got a brand new 755p to serve as a backup when I get my Pre in another 4-months.
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    I have a Visor (good condition), and a Visor Prism (though key area of screen is scratched), along with about a dozen working springboard modules. I also have a Treo 650, a Treo 700p, and an unlocked GSM Centro.

    Yes, I am a bit OCD ;->
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.
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    My 700p sits in the charger on my desk...plugged in...for no good reason other than the fact that it served me so well. It did everything I wanted and could take a hard drop and keep ticking. I once priced what it was worth and decided 5 bucks wasn't worth trading in my he gets to sit in a place of honor on my desk.

    Yeah, I'm a geek...and not a very green one.
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    Read this post a few mins ago, then stumbled upon this article:
    Sell your phone to Sprint | Sprint Connection | News and views on Sprint Nextel

    $5-$300...... They are seeming shelling out real money for some devices.
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    My wife and I decided to keep our 755p and 700p for backups. It has helped family members more than it has helped us since June 6th, 2009. The money we have in accessories alone has precluded the idea of selling back these devices! Besides, the son has a decent device to use when he becomes of age to need a cell. Well, by then, he will have my 2nd gen Pre!!
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    Still got my 755p....the fiancee likes to play solitaire on it.
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    I still have my centro and my treo 650 laying around. Not worth the $8 to sacrifice having a backup phone.
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    Yeah, I still have my Treo 600, 755p, and Moto q9c laying around somewhere. I attempted about a year ago to sell them on Craigslist, but couldn't get anywhere near what I thought was a reasonable offer, so I just decided to keep them.
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