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    Searched to find this exact problem but to no avail. Just a brief overview:
    I am currently using patches and the such. Add/Delete Launcher pages is one of them. So I have 5 pages total.

    I install mainly useful FREE apps, an occasional paid app. So here is the breakdown of the total apps I have (this DOES include the default Sprint/Nascar apps etc.

    Page 1 (Games): 67
    Page 2 (Assorted): 47
    Page 3 (MP3/Feeds): 32
    Page 4 ("My Apps"): 26
    Page 5 (Utilities): 48

    TOTAL: 220 Apps (or icons)

    When I add more apps, some of the other apps seem to disappear. Like right now I have 220, but if I add more some apps do not show...but if I delete some apps they reappear

    Any ideas or anyone else stumble upon this?
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    I don't have a solution for you, but if you get desperate you can always run a Partial Erase.

    "Performing a Partial Erase on your Pre deletes any and all applications you installed on your device, as well as any associated settings and data. However, it will not wipe content stored on the device's internal memory, like images, music files and video clips."

    I imagine this would solve your problem. Any paid apps will be restored when you resign into your Palm Profile and then you can download the free apps you want manually. You will need to resync your contacts, calendar etc too.

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