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    Hi im new to this forum but not to smartphones. I put up a list for my latest phones and as you can see there have been several. I must say i tried out the pixi and was wowed by webos but there was a hitch. The vibrate sucks so despite loving the form factor i returned it and went back to my moto droid. As far as the droid goes i think android os is ugly and unispiring. The desgin of the phone itself falls into the same bracket there isnt much i like about the looks aisde from being slim, its cold and alittle to blunt for this day in age. With that said its not a horrible phone just not for me. Haha and dont get me started on the imagio and windows did someone say memory bleed??? anyways there is just something about webos that just works for me and i was suprised that i kind of like the slider i wasnt sure i was going to dig it at first. However i do know the phone isnt perfect but what phone is? i know the almighty doid isnt and haha iphone yeah right it cant even multitask. Im not really sure why everyone loves the droid i have 4 people alone at work with one and most dont even know anything about it or how to use it(you have taskiller? aah whats that do?lol) because everyone came from dumb phones but hail it as the best and laugh when i tell them i got a palm...ooh well for anyone thinking about taking the plung i say go for it if you want a sleek and stylish phone with an intuitive Os and only a few small draw backs. oh yeah i have a pre plus (verizon)
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    Congratulations on your jump to WebOS. Its always good to have limitations of a phone in mind and see what works best for each person. I just tell my friends dont get the one that u think is cool and fight over it, get the one that works the best for you. If only people listen
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    same here.

    Went from various WM Phones (last being the HD2, the antithesis to the Pre, I guess) to Android (G1 long time ago, then a Milestone, the GSM Droid) and now to the Pre (GSM), and wow, what a nice experience.

    Those complaining about webOS and the Pre haven't used other platforms for a longer period of time. I remember what really crappy hardware was used to run Windows Mobile a few years ago, how sluggish it was, how slow and ugly Android used to be (it is still ugly, if you have no HTC device), etc.

    only recently HTC has improved build quality, and has Android matured a bit. It is still not nearly as nice to use, especially for non computer types.

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