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    Does 2G use less battery then 3G? Also, Can 2G do everything 3G can do and vice-versa, but 2G just has a slower connection?


    Edit: I should have bean more specific, between 2G and 3G, what one uses less battery when idling.

    I have been over in the patches area and people have been requesting manual switching between 2G/3G. One Recent one was to turn data off when the phone is idling. I then thought if 2G used less battery then 3G when idling, I could request a patch that could do that switch automatically.
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    i think it might use mooore.
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    I read somewhere that Wi-Max would use more battery then 3G, I therefor thought that 2g would use less then 3G.
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    2g used more battery power than 3g.
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    GSM and CDMA:
    2G uses more juice when transferring data simply due to the fact that it's slower and requires more wall-clock time to transfer data. Idle, 2G and 3G consumption are about the same

    GSM only:
    2G uses much less juice for voice calls, but does not support simultaneous voice + data in this mode.

    CDMA only:
    There is no difference in voice calls, because on CDMA all calls are made over 2G anyway.
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    Apparently the phone uses more power when searching in a weak signal environment, so a strong 2G signal would probably be better for battery life than a weak 3G signal.

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