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    I usually have a minimum of five cards running from 5:30 a.m. until my auto reset at 3:00 a.m. I am a heavy user first thing in the morning, moderate use during the day, and heavy use at night. When I go to sleep it's usually at about 95-97%. When I wake up (after using it as my alarm clock and snoozing multiple times) I'm usually between 88-93%. If I do not charge it all day until I arrive home around 6:00 p.m. I will be anywhere between 35-55% depending on usage. I am not seeing "faster" battery drain from using my OS this actually seems to be better than when I first had my Pre and hadn't quite optimized my use of multitasking -- I would be lucky to go half a day without needing to recharge. Anyone else seeing my kind of results?
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    not even close...I can drain my battery in six hours of light use.
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    I think it's a revolutionary way of doing things on a smart phone. So many of us are used to the old way of thinking, like Palm OS (myself) or the iPhone where your app was closed when you opened a new one. When I can remember, I will sometimes leave my messaging and my email app open at the same time and just use it when I need it.

    I think it's the same way with the phone app. I was so used to going into "contacts" to search for my names, but I'm slowly getting used to just typing what I need on the main screen and clicking on the person or app as it appears. It's just different.

    I will say that it does bug me when people compare the iphone to the pre. (or other phones for that matter) When the iphone first came out, everyone was comparing its UI to previous generations of phones. Not many were looking at speed - because we all know the 1st gen iphone wasn't the quickest. Now that phones today are looking more (and sometimes better) than the iphone, it all of a sudden became a speed thing. Now reviewers are forgetting about the UI and ease of use and just saying "look how much faster the iphone loads" - which sometimes is really ridiculous. Such as when they compare browser speed. In some tests, the browser speed is something like 1-2 seconds faster. Really? After waiting 5-10 seconds for a page to load, will 1-2 seconds more really make that big of a difference? I think people are splitting hairs.

    But getting back to my argument - if you really want a speed test - test how fast and easy it is to complete a few tasks like taking a picture and txting to someone or posting it on facebook, or even using the examples in the article from the OP. I know when I do things with my pre, from start to finish, I find myself getting things done quicker as opposed to using the iPhone or other phones. Too much open close open close. The Pre brings a new way of thinking to phones. People who want to learn and change will benefit from this. Anyone who wants to think the way they used to and not change will suffer from these issues.
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    Took my pre off my TS in my car at 6:30 AM this morning, made phone calls, sent some text's during through out the day, at 4:40 PM, got in my car to leave, when I set my pre back on the TS my battery reading was 69%. I had 4 cards running all day.
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    Cards I leave open: phone, messaging, contacts, email - I use these throughout the day and have decent battery life (60% after 12 hrs) with light to moderate use. I've read about the browser seeming to drain the battery so I don't keep that open. I definitely agree that WebOS was meant to leave cards open to switch easily between them - this is the main reason why I was hooked to begin with. BTW, I seldom get the too many cards error - only after memory intensive apps.
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