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    I am getting issues with the keyboard on my Palm Pre. (Not a Pre Plus). Issues are things like the space bar not functioning despite multiple key strokes until I hit the backspace key, retype a letter and then the space bar is recognized. Clearly SW.

    Does anyone from Palm monitor these threads?

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    I too have a keyboard issue, my space bar double and tripple spaces only in certain apps. It seems software related to me.
    I have a Sprint Pre bought in July.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alameda View Post
    Clearly SW.

    i disagree i had a problem similar where my space bar completely wore out which was obviously a HW issue so it could be either way
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    Could be. But it sure seems SW in my case. Some apps it happens nearly every time. Come to think of it, I will start documenting when it happens most so I can be sure for myself.
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    From my experience I'd say it's hardware. If a restart of the phone doesn't fix it it's definitely hardware. While it may seem software related there just isn't much software involved in making a hardware keyboard work. One tiny driver file and the OS takes care of the rest. Take it into a Sprint repair center and be prepared to have them replace your unit.
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    It's kind of funny, all these Sprint pre's out there for months and rarely have seen a post about keyboard issues untill now when pre pluses started reporting this. We have 3 launch day pre's and our keyboards have never had these problems and are still performing great. Strange.
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    your particular case does sound like a software issue - have you tried doctoring your phone? If not, or are unsure - go here for Sprint: Palm - webOS Doctor for Palm Pre for Sprint
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    i just had this same issue. my spacebar would either skip our double/triple space. i took my pre to sprint who said the replacement would not be free as the screen was cracked. the screen wasn't the problem, yes it had the infamous usb port crack, but it worked flawlessly save for the spacebar. i went to another store for a 2nd opinion. i got the same story except the tech said to run the diagnostics to fix the problem. i asked him why i have to pay like i cracked the screen when the boards are full of people with the exact same issue. he had no answer. then i asked the sprint tech, why shouldn't i pay $150 to vz for a pre+ when i have to pay $100 to sprint for a refurb. when he had no answer i went straight to vz.

    sprint, don't try to pass of mfg design defects as abuse and don't tell me a self-diagnostic test does any repairs, especially when the results come back as perfect.
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    my keyboard started having issues with getting stuck and it ultimately fully failed. i ended up having to replace it with a refurb, which had horrid screen issues and ended up with another refurb which has been alright so far.
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    This has been an issue with me since I first got the phone in December.

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