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    my sister has no computer and is needing some ringers, i told her to try myxer but it requires her to sync with a computer now. it used to work through the browser on my instinct so i was shocked that it needs the pre to sync with a pc. so are there any pre friendly sites to download directly to the pre?
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    Go to this site. It has some nice ringtones and wallpaper that are free.
    Mabilo - Ringtones for your phone!
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    I believe you can download directly from phonezoo... I haven't tried in a while, so don't hold me to that.
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    all that mabilo does is stream the file and doesnt download, even though it says downloading on the web page. what am i overlooking?
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    download preload,,got some cool ringers using that app
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    do a search here on Precentral. Discussed way to many times.

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