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One of the unsung features of CompanionLink is that it automatically backs up Palm Desktop files, even for the demo version, every time you sync.

It comes from the days we were paranoid back in the PalmPilot days. We still do it 14 years later. Making a copy of such small files adds less than a second to the sync time. If you ever want to look, go find your Palm Desktop data files, and look for files labeled ***.orig <- your file before you used CompanionLink, and ***.001 <- your file as of the LAST sync time. The exact location and file type differs depending on your Palm Desktop version, since CompanionLink handles all Palm Desktop versions.

So just in case you did a free trial of CompanionLink, or know anyone who tried it, remember to double check if there was an automatic backup made that you can go back to. For help reverting to a backup, I suggest calling CompanionLink's technical support, which is free, and they will help you restore the data.

I hope this information helps someone someday. It's an awful feeling to think your data is gone, even when it isn't.

Wayland Bruns, CTO
CompanionLink Software, Inc.
I'm using CL. Where do I look for those files? (Don't need them, but just curious.) Are they on my PC or my Pre?