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    Quote Originally Posted by solarus View Post
    The battery life issue is the only one you can give any credence too. With the copy and paste argument it is clear he doesn't know that you can move the curser with your finger anywhere on the screen b/c is dead simple and accurate as long as you don't try to have your finger drag the curser location. So he doesn't like Navigator, not Palm's software. Sprint's works great for me.

    In sum I think pretty much all his complaints boil down to him being a stupid user who couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag.
    The guy looks like a trigger happy Bozo. Why would you repeatedly press the call end button ? Anxiety ? Stress ?

    He is utterly ignorant about the battery life too. He should know that battery life is a big issue for any smartphone (except the BlackDumbBerry)
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    Why am i the only one who has never had an issue with the Phone app??? haha...maybe cause i make a handful of calls a week, but i've never had issues hanging up or dialing.


    Editing i'm fine with too, same with copy and pasting...i don't know whats so hard about copying and pasting on the Pre...esp. with the gesture shortcuts.
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    I think his review was atrocious lol He likes that word. And also, the first complaint about the screen made me realize this was his first attempt at a touchscreen phone, and he must have been wearing gloves!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanesis View Post
    skeet skeet skeet
    Thanks for the laugh bro, I couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes.
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    Why would he knock combining chats like google talk with text messaging? I frikin love that feature...
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    I don't know what these people expect a phone to do... tie your shoes? Walk your dog? For the love of Pete. Guy has a vendetta, that much is clear.
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    Battery life is atrocious? Am I in the minority in believing that 16 hours of normal use is, at the very least, acceptable for a full-featured smartphone? And who the hell works 16 hour days anyway?

    And by the way, I do think that battery life could use an improvement, but I wouldn't complain if I was getting 16 hours out of it.
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    I think this reviewer just isn't as "patient" as this community.
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    The guy writes for Yahoo, nothing more has to be said.
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    * The touchscreen is atrocious.
    Agree. Atrocious is slightly harsh but my touchscreen is just as unresponsive and it pi55es me off. finger presses routinely don't register even though the screen clearly registers that it has been touched as that little circle appears.
    * The battery life is atrocious.
    Agree 100%. every once in a while my phone will drain completed in a few hours on zero use for no reason.
    * The GPS is atrocious.
    Don't agree. First, i got a garmin so i don't use the pre for this. Second i've used it in a pinch twice while a friend was driving. That said, the second time my friend has a pre, in the exact same car and his wouldn't connect to a satellite while mine did. Go figure.
    * Having text messaging and instant messenger in the same app is clinical.
    disagree. honestly "clinical" sounds like a compliment. I think he's using it wrong. but i don't instant message so i don't care. Regardless, if you say a sports team is clinical it means they are so good they could teach a clinic on how to play. Not sure he's using that term right.
    * Copy and paste? I'm told it's on the device in the user manual.
    slightly agree. don't know how it works on an iphone. but it's not perfect.
    * Editing text is atrocious.
    slightly disagree. He's harsh. I don't think he gave it a chance. But since the touchscreen doesn't always registers a fingerpress accurately placing the cursor and highlighting text is unpleasant at best and normally inaccurate when i stop dragging. So normally i just hit backspace and retype. It does work though and it's not a major issue.
    * The apps are underwhelming. Finding new apps in the App Catalog is an embarrassment. You'd think Palm would be able to do a decent job with just 1,500 or so apps. You'd be wrong.
    Agree 100%. The are few good apps. They said quality not quantity. There isn't quality except Gameloft i don't have much time for games. There's just few mainstream companies making webos apps for their sites. And i thought there would be. Just as bad, the app store confuses updates with recent apps making it hard to find anything. is it so hard to seperate updates from recent apps? Plus the lack of a desktop sync solution means i'm stuck slowly sifting though crap on my phone which isn't great either. I rarely even open the app store because of it. I now basically use my phone only to call, email & text now.
    * There was more
    agreed. there are more things then that but many aren't as big of a deal.

    I personally think many of these are fair criticisms. I like my pre. webos is nice. i use preware but i'm sick of the patch uninstall updated dance. It's just a phone to me though. I don't care about having a phone that i can tinker with. i'm not crusading for any phone. I'm not pro-palm, anti-palm or anti-apple or pro-apple for that matter. So as of right now, I wouldn't buy another webOS phones until the app, battery, and screen are fixed. i no longer care about a physical keyboard. And i could live without multitasking cause i don't do it that much. But i do need a top notch music player, good apps, and a longer battery. I think there was a line about matching the iphone experience. Well i'd totally agree. I just want the most useful phone experience for me. I'll have my pre for a while soley cause it's good enough for now and my sprint plan is cheap. But Android and blackberry are possibilities for the future. Honestly, a 32GB, multitasking iphone, on Sprint, would be a done deal.
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    -The touchscreen is atrocious.
    --The real problem here is lag, and we all know it is a HUGE problem, those that deny are in denial

    -The battery life is atrocious.
    --This has everything to do with signal strength, if I'm anywhere that does not have EXCELLENT signal strength I get about 12-15 hours (less if it's really bad) - if I'm in an area with excellent signal strength (where I live, fortunately) I can get 30+ hrs consistently.

    -The GPS is atrocious.
    --GPS issues seem to be confirmed on VZW - needs to be fixed asap, I have not had any issues on Sprint since a few updates ago (used to randomly fail to get a lock and I would have to reboot the phone)

    -Having text messaging and instant messenger in the same app is clinical.
    --I don't really know what to say here, who uses IM on their phone? It totally kills the battery and seems rather pointless - teach the person who wants to IM your phone how to add your phone number to their im contacts (works great in AIM). I guess if I was in high school or something I might feel differently.

    -Copy and paste?
    --Copy and paste does suck very badly - being able to only copy entire paragraphs is pathetic and totally useless.

    -Editing text is atrocious.
    --It could use a bit of an improvement but overall I think the system works sufficiently once you get used to it.

    -The apps are underwhelming.
    --That is for sure - I have a twitter app, pandora, and a couple games, not much else useful in there whatsoever. Palm promised quality over quantity, but they instead deliver a constant stream of overpriced nonsense.

    -There was more, but I've forgotten them already. That's how uninspiring the phone was.
    --If I had to add, I'd just say performance performance performance, and a bigger higher res screen would be nice too

    Sure the card interface is awesome, the notifications are pretty cool (at least after the led hack), and synergy is still a better implementation than I've seen of it on other platforms, but palm needs to move quickly on this stuff, they seem to be asleep at the wheel.
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    This guy seems to not like palm at all with articles like this Is Palm CEO A Liar Or A Fool?

    Oh and check this one out:

    This guy is just 100% all out trolling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshewah View Post
    This guy seems to not like palm at all with articles like this Is Palm CEO A Liar Or A Fool?

    Oh and check this one out:

    Bootleg Photo Of Palm Pre After The iPhone 3GS Launch

    This guy is just 100% all out trolling.
    Regardless of the source he did bring up some valid points, but you can just call him a troll and ignore him if it makes you feel better.
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    I just think its a waste of time breaking apart some review on a heavily anti-palm site. Its not even a tech site, its a financial blog. The whole thing is more of a rant.

    If I wanted to hear people nitpick and complain I could just read posts on this forum, cause there is plenty here already.
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    I can just say that I came from high-end Windows Mobile phones (Acer s200, HD2) to a Milestone and just sold the Milestone for a GSM Pre, and couldn't be happier.

    It is not that much slower (I used Android since 1.1, and back then it was much worse, only recently it got better), it is a much nicer system, much more usable and friendly.
    I like the keyboard better than the Milestone/Droid one and dig the form factor and ringer switch as well as the Touchstone. Whats not to like here?
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