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    I don't know if it's just my pre but,
    every time i install any my battery drains
    basically my charge drops before my eyes,
    any one else experiencing this horrible affliction?
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    Do you mean the top bar patches that display your battery as a % instead of an icon?

    It can be quite alarming to see the % drop - it's possible that it's having a psychological effect on you - because you can SEE the battery dropping in high detail rather than getting a 'general' impression of the battery level by looking at an icon.

    Then again, you may be right I've never experienced this myself though.
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    No not the % patch it was change font size to 18,
    i go to work at 12.00 usually 100% charge come home with 65%ish,
    which is the norm.
    today 100% at 12.00 again, checked text at 16.30 down to 33%.
    Needless to say it's been removed, very strange indeed!
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    Very odd Hope removing it helps. If not, maybe pay a visit here?

    Good luck
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    Same happened to me once. It just dropped to 50% in 2 hours without doing anything.
    So I ran the EPR and installed them in a different order. Not sure if that's the trick though.
    Perhaps removal/reinstall is all you need.

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