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    Clie>Treo 600p> Treo 650p>Treo 755p>Treo 800w>Palm Pre
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    I agree with how he said Microsoft Exchange when paired up with the Palm Pre is a productivity monster. It definitely does blow away Android and iPhone (both I've had). Additionally, I think it also outshines the Blackberry in emails as well - especially if you pair that up with the calendar. The latest 5.0 update for Blackberry has some calendar improvements but it still pales in comparison to webOS.
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    Im in IT and all I can say this is the most abused/used phone unfortunate enough to pair up with me
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    I need threaded email before i say anything on this topic
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    More or less what I got from him is if you love Exchange, or need internet access for your laptop on the road then this is a good choice, but otherwise I think he said it just doesn't stand up.

    Palm's next two tasks are really to get better hardware (hopefully in June) and get rid of the lag. If they can do this, then I think they will be much more of a heavy hitter. I totally agree with Dieter on this one, I want WebOS in the Nexus One hardware (with an OMAP 4 )
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