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    I got a device, which need to be activated but
    it doesnt seem to detect the sim card in the uk,
    also it requires o2 sim card to do the activate.

    Can I activate and open the device for full use using rebel simcard?
    or using a software?

    Where I can find Qinray's ROM for activating device?

    this locked screen,

    what to do?
    how to unlock and activate it?

    Plz help me,
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    Use MetaDoctor to create firmware whit activation skip
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    it's working 100%?

    this is the GSM version...

    Do I need Rebel simcard or turbo Sim?
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    Plz help me solve it,

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    can u answer me plz?

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    What pman_lt sent you is the correct way to unlock the Pre to be used on other networks. A rebel sim seems to work the best, though you would want to check the GSM subforum to see the best tips and tricks to this, as well as which carriers can support both voice and data.

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