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    I've been experiencing some weird problems the past few days with my Sprint Pre, wondering if anyone has any thoughts, or if I should just take it into the Sprint repair center.

    I had some periodic problems with MMS messages not being sent, and missed calls due to an unresponsive screen, but last night, I was surfing the web when all of a sudden the phone started buzzing/vibrating, and then the screen started freaking out, becoming offset, and the volume/mute indicator started flashing back and forth on the lower portion of the screen as if the ringer switch was being moved. The volume bars were also going up and down when the volume indicator was displayed. As I sat there and watched it do this for about 20 seconds the phone suddenly went dark, then the palm logo appeared and the phone rebooted.

    It booted up fine, and I put it on my touchstone to charge back up overnight. This morning, when I went to check my e-mail, I had no notifications that I had gotten any e-mails (which I always get overnight) so I pressed the e-mail icon in my quick launch and nothing happened. Phone icon worked, SMS icon worked, calendar icon worked, launcher button worked, just the e-mail icon didn't. I rebooted the phone and the e-mail icon still wouldn't work. I EPR'd my phone and then did a partial erase. The phone reinstalled everything, and the e-mail icon works once again, however the touch screen seems periodically unresponsive. I did the interactive tests, and have some skipping of blocks during the fill in the block portion of the test, and the two dot tests don't work correctly at all, but I read on other threads that this could be an issue with the test, and not the phone. Anyway, what do you think is going on? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Maybe you have some patches that dont play well together. I think sometimes even when you run EPR not everything is always removed. Only way to be sure may be to run the doctor and start fresh again

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