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    My screen is frozen. (Screen is frozen because I dropped phone in water!(tried dry rice, tried silica gel, vacuum, etc. No success. I think I left it wet too long) However, I can use the keyboard to type names in contact lists and make calls (can't end calls because I need the gesture area to do that. Anyway, while I wait for a new phone, is there a keyboard way to arrow down and check my text messages, or some other method? Remember, my gesture area is non-responsive- just the keyboard. Can't use fingers. Thanks.
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    not that i know of. this is one of the biggest things i miss from my old Mogul, the arrow keys.

    i hate having to take my hand off the phone, readjust it in my other hand, touch the screen and HOPE its in the right spot, not that it will be, so i try again, and eventually give up and use two fingers to make the area bigger THEN touch the correct spot, just to have to get both my hands on the keyboard again to start typing, BUT then i have to get the cursor back down to the end and keep typing.

    a set of arrow keys would be great in my opinion.
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