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    This all started when the update button on my Pre kept throwing me to the App Catalog.
    So I created an new Palm Profile and the Update button worked like it used to by showing me the normal "Your Pre is up to date" I don't understand why 2 Profiles would show "Updates" 2 different ways.
    So then I decided to wipe out my old profile by turning off "Backup" and do a "Fullerase". 2 Apps that haven't been on my phone for a couple weeks keep showing up. I have reset, turned on and off Backup, and Fullerased mutiple times and the same 2 Apps keep showing up. Palm Video and Destroids. And I've used WOQI to uninstall the Apps everytime.
    So I guess I have 2 Questions:
    Why is the Update button showing -My Pre is up to date on 1 profile and the other keeps showing the App Catalog?
    My other question is: Why are those 2 Apps still showing up on 1 of my profiles when they've been removed for weeks?
    I'm at a loss and would appreciate some answers or help. Thanks
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    some patches and tweaks are hard to get removed.... doing a full erase finally fixed mine... package manager was the last of the holdouts for me, but its gone now
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    Don't use WOQI to remove apps, most apps can and should be removed via Orange(option)+tap in the launcher.
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    So after waiting half the day to see if anything would change - I Fullerased again, signed in on my old profile and those 2 Apps showed up still.
    But my "update" suddenly started working like it's supposed to by showing my Pre is current with
    So I removed the Apps via Orange +tap (Thanks Kyusaku) turned on and off Backup a few times, Fullerase and now EVERYTHING is back to normal.
    Weird behavior again with, as I've seen alot of posts about Update going to APP Catalog, and Palm Profiles doing strange things.
    Sure hope WebOS1.4 doesn't seem as buggy. But I sure appreciate everybody's work on WebOS, and Web Internals/Preware.

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