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    I dont know if you have tried this I couldn't be bothered reading all the previous posts but I am currently in the same boat as you were, basically if you can see the screen you can type contacts names and their contact info will come up and then you can go ahead and do it the old fashioned way by hand! hope this helps my screen is broken but i can still see whats on it at least!
    It was 6 months + ago, doubt they're still trying!
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    Miraculously (thanks to my Zagg screen protector, i am sure) the phone is intact, the keyboard still slides, i can type, it charges, everything except....THE TOUCHSCREEN doesn't work. The Verizon store I went to didn't even have a Palm Pre to sell me as a replacement. It was hard giving it up, but hello iPhone. Then I went through the same thing w/Palm support trying to access my contacts. No dice. Then they said for $199 (my phone was out of warranty), they could access them for me. SERIOUSLY? I've been a Palm user for about 15 years. GRRRRRR.

    So I've been reading all the ideas here. I'm no hacker, (I use a MAC) does anyone have a plain English method for me to use to obtain my contacts (other than the looking at one entry at a time, i DID figure out how to search/type on it).

    Or does someone think if I open it up, I'll see where the problem is? Disconnection?

    I'll give this phone props. For being run over, I can't BELIEVE it still works. I'll give the Zagg screen protector (front and back) even more props. I think the Zagg helped strengthen it!

    So long nice little keyboard. It was good while it lasted.

    p.s. you may email me directly at sftchr (at) yahoo [dot] com
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    Re- JenShorts

    I just had the same exact issue with my Palm Pre Plus, the screen is non-responsive but it still slides open, the keyboard works, and I can still see the screen some but you cant select anything without the touchscreen. I've been looking online vigorously and read all the options to get the contact info off but nothing that I can find will work without the touchscreen. Did you ever find a solution? The only thing that the Palm people said will work is to get another WebOS capable phone and your contacts will return to that phone from your Palm Profile. They said it can be a used phone so I've been looking on Craigslist and Ebay for a used but working one (so long as it's from your same phone service ATT, Verizon, Sprint...), activate it to your plan through Verizon or whatever, then access your Palm Profile so all your contacts will be restored, and it should work. Then I can take that phone, with the contacts, to a Verizon store and they can transfer all of them over via Bluetooth to what ever new phone you get. Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by iguanafly View Post
    My Pre finally took it's last nose dive onto the floor yesterday and has completely given up on me. The touchscreen is now dead and I have figured out how to get it to the USB drive so I got the pictures off. I bought the HTC Hero as my replacement. My worry now is the contacts. The Sprint store tried, but couldn't do it. No, I haven't backed anything up or have a Google account. Anyone know a way to find them online or be able to get that file onto my computer? I don't care if I have re-enter them by hand one by one, just as long as I can get them.
    REPLY: how can i get back my pics from the phone???
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