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    Hi folks. I would like to know if there is a quick install for the Verizon model. I just upgrade from a Centro to a Pre and i want to upgrade the music player. I found that the download is only available fro Sprint and Bell. Any sugestions?
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    i dont believe that there is one ready for the verizon pre yet it has only been out a little less than a month
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    The Quick Install will work with any phone, there's no need to have one specifically for Verizon.
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    i wouldnt recommend using one yet because im not sure if there is a webos doctor for the verizon pre yet
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    Let me check zee wiki.
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    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    Link to the VZW doctors.
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    ok then it is fine to go ahead and download the sprint quickinstall and then download the verizon doctor and youre gonna be all good to go
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    1. Don't listen to any of these people who said no.
    2. For now - This is the current version of WebOS Quick Install
    3. Click that link, and find download now.
    4. Run that. I can't remember if you need to provide your own WebOS Doctor or if WOSQI installs it for you
    5. If it installs WebOS Doctor itself, great.
    6. If not, download the VerizonWireless WebOS Doctor, found on that page.
    7. Don't run the doctor unless you have a phone problem, WOSQI will now work properly.
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    Here is a step by step tutorial from
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    Hi Folks:
    Thank you so much to you people. I decided just to wait a little bit. Yes the Pre is fairly new. I'm been using most of its features. It is posible to access Palm directly with questions and sugestions? I feel a little bit short changed with the Calculator and the world clock the Pre is quite inferior. I am comming for the Treo users bunch.

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