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    I have had the palm pre since October and didn't have any problems out of it for a few months. My first one had the headset mode problem and the external speaker had stopped working so I took it in and they said they would replace it. They called me and told me it was in and I could come pick it up. I arrived at the store and waite 45 minutes before they called my name and the woman started to turn my new phone on and the touchscreen didn't work so once again she ordered another which I got in a few days and worked fine for a month or so. Then the speaker on this one went out and the power button stopped working so once again another one. I picked up my 4th pre last week it made it 30 minutes before it messed up this one now is glitchy and will start to dial calls and open apps when locked or unlocked without touching it. I went back to the store and the service people were like you have to be kidding me and they were busy and I didn't wanna wait for them to look at it but they advised me I should call customer care and raise hell to see if I could get a different phone. I took their advice and I talked with a guy from customer service and he talked with his supervisor and said I had two options see if insurance would file a claim and let me choose a phone of equal value or he could call a local store manager and see if he could swap me out. I agreed to him calling a store manager and him calling me the next day. I never received a call from him so I called customer care to see what was going on. I was on the phone for 3 hours talked to customer care, tech, multiple device replacement department and cancellations and supervisors from all departments. in the end they said there was nothing they could do but exchange it for another pre and the woman with cancellations advised me to upgrade my other phone on my account and swap it to my number after activation...not such a good solution if you ask me. This situation is way out of hand I'm tired of driving to the sprint store dropping my phone off for an hour just to ger another pre thats broken in a few days. 90% of the people in the service line are pre owners some of them on their 10th phone! This is absolutely crazy has anyone had similar issues or been able to get a different model phone?
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    Please make a few paragraphs and make your post easier to read, you might get a better response. I just can't read through your wall of letters and words.
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    Wow allen, can't believe you've had such horrible luck with your Pre's. My wife and I had problems at first, but we only had to replace one of the phones, once. Unfortunately, each time we've gone to the Sprint store to spend the afternoon (Sprint CEO, get a fricken clue!), it was like a gathering of Pre-plagued customers. And yet, my "business account" rep who I've never seen, tells me to NEVER go to the Sprint store...but how else am I to get someone to put "hands-on"? Unfortunately, now my power button no longer works and after months of use, it appears that I am starting to experience the Oreo effect. Man I wish Sprint would get the iPhones!!! I've put all this together in 1 paragraph for ease of reading. ;-)

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