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    I appear to be missing a "play" button when accessing my VM via the Pre's browser. Am I missing something obvious?

    The videos that show the page in action are on an iPhone, but I assume that html5 is html5 and it should be the same on the Pre.
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    I can't get my voice mails to play unless I click on the older version at the bottom of the screen.

    In there, I can play my voicemail messages.

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    If you have it set to email you wen you get a voicemail, you can hit "Play Message" in that email and listen to it as well.
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    Thanks guys. I'd tried the older version, but it was giving me server errors. It's working now, and I'll leave email notification on as a backup.
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    The VM messages do not play from me email on the Pre.
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    if you go click on the button that says voicemail when your in the voicemail tab google will call you and give you your voicemail.

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