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    It just started to happen a few days ago. I was getting an error message that the automatic daily backup wasn't working.

    So I hit the button that allows you to do a manual backup but I keep getting the message "Backup Server Unavailable" and it then says that the data will backed up when the server is available again.

    So I keep hitting the "back up now" button, but it just goes through the same cycle. A few times today, it would say "backup suspended" so I just turned off the backup function because an error message would keep showing up in the dashboard.

    I called Palm tech support and it's been bumped up to level two and I am waiting for them to call me back but they couldn't tell me if it would be ten minutes or ten days. It doesn't bother me right now because the phone is working fine, but what if.......

    So does anyone have any ideas or suggestions while I wait for Palm to get back in touch?

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