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    that's what i saw (it's a teapot).
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    If you have had 3 replacement units in a 60 day period they have the option of doing a "WEL List" replacement. How this is handled is up to the district repair representative. Sometimes they will send a different model phone (refurbished) out from the warehouse, or sometimes the store is told to give you a new unit out of the store's inventory (a NEW unit, the same model or equivalent). The repair center doesn't make the call.

    You could speak to the repair center manager and ask him to get you a refurb that doesn't suck. I've activated units and checked for dead pixels/oreo for customers in the past. To be honest we haven't had any bad refurbs lately except for one that was DOA.
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    thanks for the last couple of post that actually try to HELP ME lol but has anyone ever heard of what i was talkin about??? like if you keep on having problems with your phone you are able to trade it for another phone of equal or lesser value, has anyone else heard of this???
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    I have had several issues with my pre since launch. I think I'm up to my 5th or anyways I can't get myself to leave this OS it is the best out.. Or at least the best out for sprint.. Anyways my suggestion to you is to search the different sprint stores (that have repair techs in them) in your area and find the most persoanable one. (the smaller the better) I had several issues at the larger stores but always use them first to identify any obstacles and then circumvented the problem at the smaller ones.. Hopes this helps...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcpot132 View Post
    i thought you said you never had a problem that WASNT YOUR FAULT???
    are you not understanding i made a mistake so it was my fault
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    try switching to att, get an iphone and see what they do if you have ANY kind of problem with it...sprint is bending over backwards to try and keep it's customers. I really find all the "oreo" complaints amusing...I still haven't seen anyone post an actual problem (like phone split in 2) because of the "oreo effect." It's amazing that sprint is even willing to replace the phone for this complaint, even if it's after the 30 day period.
    Anyway, i'm sure all the other complaints in the post are valid in some way...good luck with your next phone...and like I said, if you're really not happy with sprint, try switching to another provider and see how helpful they are when you have a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcpot132 View Post
    i thought you said you never had a problem that WASNT YOUR FAULT???
    it was his fault . thats what he said lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I think that Sprint either doesn't know how to re-circulate the Pre back into the refurbished replacement queue, or it's a forced plan to use the insurance. I don't really think its Palm.

    The Pre is built like no other device in the Sprint line that they are just applying their standard spit-and-polish to recirculate them. They probably need replacement parts, say like a Treo, BB or other that comes apart. This just isn't the case with the Pre. There's very few serviceable/replacement parts due to the way it's constructed thus they get put back into refurb service with a webOS Doctor to wipe and reload....end result, same busted Pre that was returned in the first place and it starts all over again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catallah View Post
    Call Sprint and demand a new one, they sent me 3 refurbs and then I demanded a new one. If the first person says no, hang up and try again.
    How can you tell if they gave you a refurbished one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcpot132 View Post
    well what would you "non-complainers" do if you were in this situation???
    You're not entitled to a different model phone. Take the one they gave you. If it lasts six months, be happy, you'll then be eligible for a new phone. If you have to replace it every two weeks, do it. Each time, point out (politely) that they would be better off giving you phone that lasts, but take what they give you. If you DO have to keep replacing it, that means you constantly have a new phone. Either way, in 6 months, you'll be eligible for a new phone.
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    gotta say I never had problems with refurbs until the pre. Put a formal complaint in with palm and have received call backs to inform me they are addressing the situation and my helpful alert to this issue is very appreciated. Great company. My roommate has the hero and it does get a lil better service but he says he wishes he got the pre lol
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    Sprint will not replace your phone with a different model. If you push they will give you a new phone (in the white Palm box), refurbs come in a small white and black box.
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    that's what i saw (it's a teapot).
    Not just any teapot--a Pixar Renderman Teapot.
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