I am having an issue at work with my pre. I like to listen to music on and off throughout the day. Sometimes I am listening, sometimes the music is paused.

I need to have the ringer switch off so I don't disturb others when I get a call. But if the ringer switch is off it doesn't interrupt my music to notify me that there is an incoming call. In that case I only know there is an incoming call if I feel the phone vibrating. And if it is lying on my desk I rarely feel it vibrating. So I really wish I had the option to tell the music app to notify me of an incoming call (i.e. stop playing) when there is an incoming call, even if the ringer switch is off.

I can't simply have the ringer switch set to on, because if my music is paused and I get a call the entire office hears the ringtone. And then, I get shame faced!

Sorry if the question is convoluted. Here is a more succinct version. Is there a patch that could allow for an incoming call to interrupt music regardless of ringer switch status? Is such a patch even possible? Thanks a lot!!