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    Well that didn't take long for someone to "borrow" the card system of the pre. The google nexus uses a similar interface. Check out around 2:16.

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    The cards are just for the home screens, not for running applications ie multitasking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratchetjaw View Post
    Yeah i have that on my Droid but the implementation sucks. They aren't live like on the Pre and are tiny. Its easier to just swipe like normal. Copying is a form of flattery or however that saying goes lol
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    Google are a bunch of idea stealing noobs!!
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Its not really the same since it just shows the homescreens and not the apps. I like the HTC style of how they show the homescreens, you can actually get a better preview than the nexus style.
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    I did like that street-view nav & how it utilized the compass
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    it think android phones are becoming over rated just like the iphone
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    I can tell you one thing Android didn't "borrow" from Webos. How quickly google maps opens.......
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    Google would fail at copying.
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    if that were what they are trying to do but theyre not theyre trying to integrate other ideas to make it work better which is the same as what palm's doing with webos

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