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    I realize with the current flow of 3d game currently available in the app catalog that a lot of you people out there are on the fence about the visuals they bring to the device.

    I also know that a LOT of you are eager for gameloft to release N.O.V.A. in the app catalog, and that it would be like the best looking game for the pre. Well yes it would, but its nowhere near the best that the pre CAN do.

    Think about it this way, so far every game we've seen come to the palm pre is a port of an iphone game by big name devs. And big name dev's are all developing opengl es 1.1 apps for the iphone, regardless of the fact that the iphone 3gs supports es 2.0. They completely ignore es 2.0 for the most part simply because so many iphone users out there have the iphone 3g, and not 3gs, and programming just for the 3gs would severely reduce their app sales as the majority of iphone users would find the apps completely useless on their lesser devices. So what we are currently seeing is a flow of underachieving apps that make literally no attempt at taking advantage of the palm pre's advanced hardware, and use the lesser of the two current 3d api's.

    Allow me to show you guys some images cuz i think they are fun, and they get the point across a lot better than i can without them.

    Here is what we've been seeing so far, opengl es 1.1:

    That's the kind of visuals we've been seeing so far, but now let's take a look at what our hardware is really capable of. The following images are all from opengl es 2.0 capable devices:

    and here is a side by side comparison from opengl es 1.1 and 2.0:

    I hope this inspires the game dev's out there like me. Go on, take advantage of the gpu, if we dont, nobody will!
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    NOVA!!!!!! I bet it'll be out tomorrow
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    nice post...thanks for the info.....didn't know all that
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    That's kind of like comparing Xbox 360 to the Wii graphics or High def vs Standard. And the games being ported is like standard and nobody really made any webos base games from the ground up yet!
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    Very good thread.

    While I appreciate the ports of these games, they don't work for me. It's like trying to replicate an experience from a completely different device; while these are all smartphones--the iphone, the pre, android devices--variances in user-interface and hardware can mean a world of difference.

    An iphone game on the pre? Get ready for obscured visuals as the keyboard is plopped over a much smaller screen while you constantly check to make sure your thumbs dont leave the designated joystick area. Weak accelerometer support means you will be constantly battling the over and under steer instead of the vehicles of your opponents. After the beautiful game intros, visuals are really not spectacular, although they will get there, eventually.

    As an ex-gamer myself, I feel like playing a game on the Pre is almost an exercise in pretending to play a game. It's just not there yet to where I can lose myself in the game, instead of focusing on the mechanics of the game.

    Part of the issue, as hinted at by the OP is that games haven't come out built for specifically for the Pre yet.

    Pre game-integration issues will be sorted out eventually. The accelerometer will work better, graphics will get better, and we will figure out a way to control on-screen actors without cumbersome virtual controls on a screen much too small, but until that day I'll give gaming a pass.

    Give me some gorgeous and efficient GUI interface tricks, and I'll be happy.
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    Nice comparison; think we're looking at a wait though as GL 1.1-only devices phase out of the marketplace. As an aside, I'd love to see Zen Bound on the Pre...
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    Well i agree somewhat. We have a long wait if what we are waiting on is big name devs to produce products for the pre that take full advantage of the hardware. However i dont believe we have to wait long to start seeing stuff like this on the device from dev's here in the forum, or the groups that pop up to make games just for the pre. We dont have to worry about anyone having a device that doesnt support these shaders, cuz all of us here with a palm pre do.

    Just a matter of a month til the pdk comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mwarez View Post
    nice post...thanks for the info.....didn't know all that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl View Post
    Weak accelerometer support means you will be constantly battling the over and under steer instead of the vehicles of your opponents.
    That one's not true, you probably just aren't good at the game.

    No, but seriously, since 1.3.5:

    If a more frequent acceleration data update is required, pass the "fastAccelerometer" parameter to the StageController.setWindowProperties method to increase the update rate to 30Hz.
    Should no longer be an issue in Mojo apps.

    And we have no idea what the refresh rate is for the PDK yet, since there's no documentation for us normal people, but I'd say at the very least it supports up to 30Hz as well.
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    I would just like the games I have to not crash every other time I opwn them...
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    torourke: i think thats a problem with the current version of webOS since all 3d games have that problem for the most part, though i cant be certain.

    And just a bit of information for the devs in the community, there are 2 major differences between opengl es 1.1 and 2.0, and that's the shaders. Programming for es 1.1 is going to be the easiest route since there are no shaders used, programming becomes less tasking since you dont have to do all the extra programming required to display something on the screen.

    However in es 2.0 shaders are not only capable, but they are required to display ANYTHING on screen, which means you either have to create 1 unified shader that can be used for all the objects in your game, or you have to create many different shaders for the many different objects in your projects.

    And dont forget that the pre also supports post processing effects as well, things like motion blur, bloom lighting, hdr effects, edge detection, image warping, cool reflective ripple effects (like bumpy glass).

    I know programming shaders is probably new to a lot of you here, but its not that difficult. Sure the language looks scary, but after teaching myself hlsl for one week i was able to create these two shaders:

    If i can do that after a week, anybody can.

    I recommend you guys read the Opengl ES 2 Programming Guide found here:

    Happy shadering!
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    i hope there are some webos originals

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