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    I don't get it...

    Every so often I'm still getting txts or missed call indications that are stamped 2-8hrs before I even got the alert. Now this can't be happening on EVERY phone I've gotten, nor do I think it's a problem with Sprints network because my Blackberry ran circles around anything and everything not 3 months ago.

    So...I have exactly 122 patches and apps installed on my phone (Going off of what PreWare tells me)...could one of this lowly patches be the culprit that is F**king with people's signals and making them miss calls and/or txt's?

    Anybody out there with some really good information I ASSURE you it'll be much appreciated.
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    I can honestly say that in the 7 years I've been with Sprint/Nextel I have ran into the exact issue multiple times OCCASSIONALLY on different phones. I do not think patches could/would have any negative impact on it.

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