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    I was checking out the video demo of the Devour coming out on Verizon soon... and its interesting... Hardware wise (and obviously its not webOS)... but I hate Landscape, (not good for 1-handed usage)

    But something really hot (Video time 5:12) that they made for this phone is something called Phone Portal...

    Essentially a link to your computer, wireless or wired that lets you edit & view everything on the phone... call-logs, photos, etc...

    I love that app... and I would love for someone to develop that for the webOS... We already have a few programs that link us to our computer... but nothing with that type of funtionality...

    Check it out guys... Opinions?
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    just finish watching the video, yeah that is cool, i would love for that app to come to the pre. you can looks at text, call logs, pic and edit them. wow

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