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    Ive read the stickys and searched for other threads but can't find solution.
    I had my contacts from my old phone put on my pre when i got it. I then did the palm data transfer to get my outlook contacts in my phone. I was happy to have my outlook contacts on my phone but still wanted my phone contacts on my outlook. I installed the chapura syncmanager and used the trial app on the phone. this really started my problems it claimed it would sync outlook with the phone with a true sync. well my phone data didn't go to my outlook but my outlook went to my phone and doubled up all my number and contacts. I now have over 1000 contacts on my palm profile. I have 391 on my work exchange profile and this should represent the correct number of outlook contacts. I have since opened a google account, hoping to syn everything to google contacts and spend the time to edit is all there. I can't get any contacts to move to google thou. I understand that it is probubly because the contacts i want to move there are in my palm profile. I am at a lose and don't know what to do. I have allot of important numbers that were originally in my phone. I do have my old razor with the phone contact in it. Sorry about the long post. please help. thanks.
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    Wow ... my eyes glazed over about half way through that

    First, I would wait for the new 1.4 release. Rumor is that it has enhanced export/import capability, so this might finally be supported (it's not now).

    Beyond that, there is no "nice" solution for exporting Palm Profile contacts. If you search (titles only) for "export contacts" you will find several threads that discuss this. There are ways to use SQL and pull stuff directly from the Palm database file ... not for newbies or the weak of heart .

    I believe there is also a patch with an "email all contacts" option. This might be slightly easier, but will still require some work.

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