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    Quote Originally Posted by groovdafied View Post
    I think people put too much expectation to the phrase "coming out in Feb...", most people SHOULD know that it's a very generic and general term. S*** happens, therefore they can utilize the remaining time of February to complete the project properly without having to worry the fact that their spokesperson promised the beginning of Feb or on a specif date. Programming applications is not easy,
    This. They said February because they didn't KNOW YET when in February. If it's not on your phone, it means it's not ready. It's not like they're holding it back just to mess with you.. They didn't announce the release date at CES 2009, because they didn't KNOW the release date.

    Every programmer knows setting a release date is a *****. You can set a date and have one small complication mess the whole thing up for weeks. You have to be a genius at time management (programming time management). With a 1000 people working for you, that's impossible. The only way they could've set a date is when they had it ready and tested on all the networks before they announced it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    i'm tired of waiting since Feb 1.... if they be more specific on dates, it will be much much better for all of us!! .... just saying ....
    You are kidding right? You started this thread as a joke, right? If not then we will all assume that you have been living under a rock. A rock that didn't have Internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripsbacks View Post
    What is 1.4?
    I think it's the 'everyone get mad over a rumor' update.. I could be wrong tho ~
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