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    Brand new to Palm and smartphones. Is there a folder in the phone that saves sent emails? Once an email is sent from the phone, is there a stored copy of it? Thanks in advance.
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    Well, I have it synced to Google and if you look under the favorites arrow, there's a sent folder. Not sure about any other email service, though. If you look into the Account Options for the email address, you should see where you can set the Sent and Trash folders (or where they've been set automatically).
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    I use Google Mail, Exchange, and IMAP for all of the accounts I use, and all of them have a Sent folder. Not sure what happens with POP3 accounts.
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    i use google, roadrunner and hotmail and in the email app there is a sent folder for each individual account!
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    How to get to it?
    Tap the Email app.
    You will see All Inboxes and the number of email combined if you have more than one account.
    Then follow down you will see the specifics for the individual account . The inbox.
    Then you will see the label of the name of the account and to the rigth side a arrow point. Tap on the arrow point and you will get the following "folders":
    . inbox, Outbox, Trash and the Send items.

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