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    So I noticed I can not attach any file to my hotmail email account. Mainly noticed this when attempting to send photos. Tried sending different pictures, to different people. Still no luck. I have downloaded apps through webos quick install. Not sure if something is now wrong with my pre. Have not noticed any other problems other than the email. Does anyone have any input on this?
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    I have many patches and apps installed and have no problem attatching pics to my hotmail or any other e-mail. Tried it when I saw your post, still working fine. Try removing the account, then re-installing it.
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    I removed the email account and then set it up again. This still did not work. I took my phone into sprint and the retail rep sent himself one of my wallpaper photos to his email. The photo went through but when you look at the sent email from my phone, there is no paperclip icon to show that there was actually something attached to the email. His advice was to run the webos doctor. I am unsure whether I want to do this or not. I am afriad of losing my information on my phone and all of my apps.

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