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    I have problem in using the "palm sound and ringtones" application:

    The messages is :
    template load failed:

    I have tried
    1.Urgent Patch Recovery;
    2.WebOS Repair Utility:
    it tried to reload soundsalertsconfig-scene.html from the WebOSdoctor but said file cannot found there.
    3. Extracted Soundsalertsconfig-scene.html from WebOSdoctor directly and send the the directory of soundsalertconfig/

    Still none can help to use sound and ringtones applications again, Do I have any other choice?
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    what patch have you installed? When I start having issues I just visit the doctor saves me the headache of something else breaking later on.
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    I had doctored my phone last night but unfortunately intalled ' set alert and notification tone' patch this morning with error. I can't uninstall or UPR.
    And the situation reappears.

    I know which patch cause it now
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    I have run across the same problem on mine and i have run EPR, now WebOS Repair Utility with override compatablity turned on and still nothing...I dont want to doctor....
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    This file is the problem file that we are having problems with because it is not found in WebOS doctor so it cant load it back in to pre root. Even when i add it manually ???

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    Loading connected device's build info:
    Device: Sprint Palm Pre
    Loading webOSDoctor to check ROM build info
    webOSDoctor for: Sprint Palm Pre
    webOSDoctor of:
    webOSDoctor is compatible!
    WebOS ROM extracted to C:\Documents and Settings\Brian\My Documents\Palm\WebOS.tar.gz
    Extracting file from ROM: /usr/palm/applications/
    --file not found in WebOSDoctor

    Here is exactly what I did, if it helps....

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