Hey all,

So, I bought my Sprint Pre in November, along with a Touchstone (as I thought it was an ingenious charging solution). My Pre was (and still is) defect free, but the Touchstone exhibited the dinging issue many others have suffered: it would stop charging and constantly cycle charge/charged until I took it off the charger. In addtion, it would do this at about 93-94%, so I ended up often topping off with the AC adapter.

Well, today I put a Seidio Innocase on my phone (long time coming), and remembered some people having issues with the Touchstone responding through the case. Thought it was worth a try. So I put it on the Touchstone, and things seemed fine. Started charging immediately.

So, about a half hour later, i realized I hadn't heard a dinging sound yet. Lo and behold, the battery was at 100%, and the Touchstone hadn't driven my Pre crazy yet. Tried it again later tonight, and same thing happens: it's like the extra space from the Touchstone surface seemed to do the trick.

So for all of those who wonder if the Touchstone and Innocase will work together, YMMV. As for me, it fixed my biggest gripe