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    I'm sure I'm missing some ridiculously easy fix but can't seem to figure it out -

    I have a bunch of entries that are duplicates - for example. 555-5555 under MOM, and 555-5555 ICE

    When that # is calling, ICE will show up- and I want MOM to show up

    How are they choosing which shows up + can we manually set it?

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    One name with two or more numbers will show the name, and the number in the list calling you. One number with two names will show the first one, in alphabetical order. Easiest thing to do is add a symbol or number in front of "mom" in your case. That will force the phone to pick that entry as the current caller.
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    Thanks - lol as soon as I posted I thought maybe - alphabetical!!?
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    Ok, something isn't right w/ the outgoing now - its randomly choosing one, and not based on alph.

    Say I have MOM in both MOM and ICE. Then I have STEVE in both STEVE and ICE.

    When I manually dial MOM# - ICE comes up
    When I manually dial STEVE# - STEVE comes up

    If it's alphabetical, wouldn't ICE come up when the Steve # is dialed?

    Does it have anything to with home/mobile/work etc?
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    It might have something to do with the way you have them stored. Does the I.C.E. stand for "In Case of Emergency", do you have your phone on ICE? If you do put the I.C.E. in front of the name. This is the way my 2 I.C.E. contacts show up either when I dial them or they call me. I.C.E. 1 Gaines, I know it's my wife,, I.C.E. 2 Gomez,, I know it's my sister. Change the way you have them listed, that might solve the problem if this is what your trying to do. Some of my contacts I've found that it works better if I separate some of the info, like my wife's work number's and email and her personal info are separate contacts, instead of having to "link" contacts, this I've found works better, so you might want to unlink some of your contacts. Also if your wanting to put your phone on ICE you want rescue or police to find your ICE contacts if you put the ICE first they can't miss it.
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    I cant remember how I got mine to come up right. I use ice as well and had to unlink they so I didnt see the ICE when they called. I thought the most recent contact entered took priority, but I'm not sure. I know I put ICE as the last name, so they all say john doe ICE , jane doe ICE and they all show up under i's. Also this os doesn't prioritize like the old palm os. I also have a separate Emergency info contact that I want to show up at the very top. Before I could just put in asterisks or something, with webos, to get it at the top of the list I had to do A **EMERGENCY INFO** A under name. Under company name I put : See individual Address Book Entries for Detailed Contact Info. Under notes I listed Name, tn and relation for about 4 people. So if someone ever has to go through my contacts the emergency one comes up first, but if they know to look for ice, those show up as well.
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    Ok I don't know how I missed it, but I re did it and now see the number next to the image of the name (regarding how many profiles have that phoner #) Clicking that brings up the menu with "unlink this profile" "set as primary profile" or delete, cancel.

    Once I set the desired one as primary, it comes up when typing, calling, incoming etc etc.

    I think the one before weren't linked, so it was just defaulting to one with no ability to set/change.

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