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    As the title suggests new to both the device and software came from the BlackBerry and have a couple of questions. Does anyone know if the battery issue is going to be addressed in 1.4 and is there or will there be a spell check funtion available. I really like the OS and those are the only two things that concern me so far. Thanks
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    there is a bit of spellcheck in the device, but no predictive text. There are homebrew patches to increase the autoreplace database of words. And Palm did publicly announce that battery and performance issues will be addressed in 1.4. No one is sure how much of an improvement it will be.
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    The battery will be slightly improved but there's only so much software tweaks can do to help - 1150mah batteries are just too small for this kind of device. I'd recommend getting an external charger & a spare battery.

    Spell check has not been discussed by Palm, so it is purely speculation - but no, I don't expect to see it in the 1.4 update.

    Welcome to the community anyway - I came from a Bold 9000 & I'm very pleased with what Palm is doing with WebOS.
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    I am not having battery issues myself, but I am using Preware tweaks and a Mugen 1400 battery that fits into the original batter cover. I can go all day with medium use and still have 70% battery life at the end of day.
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    theyll probably optomize the battery life a little bit, but nothing huge. i suggest a 1350 or 1400 extended battery if you need just a couple more hours to make it through the day. you can buy these and they wont add any extra bulk to your phone. if you really need alot of battery you can buy the larger batteries that will add some bulk to your phone, but greatly extend the battery life.
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    your battery will improve over time. after charging it a bunch of times it will begin to last longer. Also, your coverage has to do alot with how long the battery lasts. When you are in weak coverage areas, ur battery will drain faster because the phones always searching for a stronger signal opposed to a strong coverage area when the phones locked on a strong signal.
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    Which battery issue? Fast usage? Turn the GPS and wifi off until you need them, those two things will kill the battery in a big hurry on any phone. I go 12 hours or more with medium calling, some light text, internet, gameplay out of boredom, and I'm at 50% by the end of the day.
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    I appreciate your prompt responses. I feel better already. Thanks

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