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    My old palm pre was broken in many ways. so i ordered a new onw and got my account activated and transfered and everything. the guys at srint said they could not transfer my pictures. but said to hook up to a computer and transfer them that way. when i hook my old phone it tells me to activate my account. i cannot acess my pictures until i do so. will it mess wih my new phone? what step by step do i do?

    Activate my old phone. trandsfer pictures to computer. active new phone again, transfer pictures to new phone?

    need feedback soon please. have 5 more day before i need to send back my old phone
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    get a new email address and activate your old phone on that email then remove pics then shut it off and activate new phone on current email address and put pics on that phone
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Just curious...when you plug into your computer, does hitting ORANGE + SYM + U do anything?

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