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    I think that there should be dynamically updating applications/icons. For instance, if there is an update available for an app, it'll show a star or asterisk next to the icon so you know (or you can choose to have the update be pushed through automatically), instead of having to go to the app catalog to see if any updates are available.

    Do you have any ideas?
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    I think have the Palm App catalog popup a notification telling you there are updates available for the apps you have installed. I'd like that as I rarely use the launcher and use the type to launch app so having a badge on the icon wouldn't help me much.
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    Well, in the app catalog you can simply click the shopping bag icon on the lower right to update apps, but I think it would be more convenient to show it in the launcher menu icons
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    as often as they update apps, I could see this being very irritating, very quickly. Not knocking the OP though...thoughts like this put the WE in WebOS.

    (I know...really lame)
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    when you check the most recent apps..... if you have an app with an update to download, there is a tiny down pointing arrow on the apps icon, letting you know an update is ready.

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